Crops and Commodities

How Vegetables Can Save the World

Vegetables play an essential role in healing the global food system. Investing in vegetables means investing in a healthy future!

10 Indigenous Foods You Should Start Eating Today

Is your diet too processed or lacking in nutrients? Try out some of these 10 indigenous foods from around the world!

Indigenous Crop: The Elephant Foot Yam

Elephant foot yam is a tropical tuber crop native to tropical parts of Asia, and cultivated for its various edible parts.

Minnesota Protects Bees from Insecticides

Minnesota has enacted a new law that will ensure that plants marketed as “bee-friendly” have not been treated with harmful insecticides.

Increasing Food Security and the Value of Maize

Maize is prioritized in Benin as a source of food security and a marketable cash crop.

Ugly Fruit and Vegetables Hit the Catwalk

Intermarché have put ugly fruit and vegetables into the spotlight to educate consumers on food waste.

The Buzz on Burt and His Bees

New documentary film tells story of Burt Shavitz, founder and face of Burt’s Bees.

Indigenous Crop: Marama – a secret crop of southern Africa

The marama plant, a legume can produce crops above and below ground. The marama plant can survive in dry climates by storing water in its roots.

Ecuador’s All Good Fairtrade Banana Company

All Good Fairtrade, Ecuador’s cooperative of family farmers, gains international quality recognition.

Indigenous Crop: Lablab: to Cook or Not to Cook?

It is important to boil mature beans or dried beans to remove the cyanogenic glycosides.