Crops and Commodities

Scandinavia’s First Zero Packaging Supermarket Opens This Summer

Scandinavia’s first zero packaging, organic supermarket is scheduled to open in Copenhagen this summer.

Germany Awards Grant to Protect Biodiversity

Germany leads the way with a historic grant supporting biodiversity.

Eating Local: The Benefits of Local Procurement in Emergency Response

There’s still room for improvement in the local and regional procurement of food aid.

Fighting for Recognition: The Role of Women on Sri Lankan Tea Plantations

Women working on Sri Lankan tea plantations are fighting for recognition.

Culinary Comics: 10 Comics as Delicious as they are Delightful

These delectable comics will satisfy any appetite. Pick one up and expand your palate for both the culinary and sequential arts.

Improved Crop Storage Bags Can Improve Harvests and Incomes

PICS Bags, developed by Purdue University, are proving useful for insect-free crop storage in sub-Saharan Africa.

Who Really Runs America? According to Richard Manning, Industrial Agricultural Has the Final Say

Richard Manning’s latest article in Harper’s Magazine reveals how politics are powerless to the demands of industrial agriculture.

Leading a Global Mission to Reduce Food Waste

The Postharvest Education Foundation provides innovative programs that motivate and empower people to reduce food waste around the world.

Drought-Resistant White Beans Bring Hope to Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

Drought in Ethiopia is threatening bean production and the livelihood of smallholder farmers. Food Tank discusses solutions with researchers on the ground.

Gaining Ground Teaches Organic Farming While Feeding Massachusetts’ Hungry

Gaining Ground is a volunteer-driven organization striving to grow organic produce for Massachusetts’ food insecure population.