Crops and Commodities

The Spirit of Sustainability: The Innovations Behind Eco-Friendly Cocktails

Spirit makers and mixologists are working hard to make their industry more environmentally sustainable.

Chef Acheson Serves Up Endangered Species and Fresh Perspective

Chef Hugh Acheson surprises diners by serving an endangered species.

Dirty Money, Dirty Science

The recent New York Times expose of Big Ag money corrupting research is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t Farm Naked

Traditional cover cropping techniques that enrich soil, protect staple crops from disease, and prevent erosion are being rediscovered.

Technocrats, the “Berkeley Mafia,” and Stanford: Shifting the Conversation on Food Policy

Stanford’s Walter Falcon shows how academic research and policy-relevant work can be quite compatible and result in a transformative policy impact.

U.S. Biofuels Boom Threatens Brazilian Organic Farmers

ActionAid USA is calling on Congress to reform its biofuels targets. Fuel for our cars must not be prioritized over food for people.

34 Indigenous Crops Promoting Health and Feeding the World

Food Tank has compiled a list of indigenous fruits, vegetables, and grains that are nutritious, delicious, and contribute to sustainable livelihoods.

Small-Scale Farming to Stop Cocaine Production

As Colombia halts its aerial spraying program, the alternative development programs look to turn farmers towards legal agriculture.

Kuli Kuli Brings Nutrition to West Africa by Bringing Moringa to America

Kuli Kuli harnesses the power of superfood “moringa” to bring cross-national nutrition to those in need.

16 Campaigns that Reveal the REAL Cost of Food

Industrial agriculture is externalizing the environmental and health costs associated with food production, these 16 campaigns fight back.