Food Heroes

10 Cities Leading the Conversation on Sustainable Eating

These ten cities around the world are revolutionizing their food systems and leading the conversation on sustainable eating.

BCFN YES! Finalists to Present at Sixth International Forum on Food & Nutrition

The ten Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) YES! Finalists will present at the Sixth International Forum on Food and Nutrition December 3–4 in Milan.

Food Hero: Eric Holt-Giménez and the Campesino a Campesino Movement

Eric Holt-Giménez is the Executive Director of Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy.

Indian Community Grocery Moves Into Dupont

The food scene in D.C. is changing. Pansaari is the first all-in-one local, organic, no waste, Indian grocery store, chai bar, and commercial kitchen.

Food Tank Launches Democratizing Innovation Research Program –– Share Your Solutions!

Food Tank announces the exciting start of a research project with the McKnight Foundation and YOU to learn about innovational solutions to the food system!

Empowering Women and Mitigating Conflict in the Afghan Dairy Industry

An IFAD-supported effort to modernize the rural dairy sector in Afghanistan is stabilizing rural communities and supporting women.

Over Grow The System Documents the Sustainable Farming Movement

Over Grow The System uses photography, video, music, and website design to capture the essence of the emerging sustainable food movement in British Columbia.

Food Hero: Sibella Kraus, Regional Food Leader Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Sibella Kraus carried out various influential projects and initiatives that have been recognized by the jury of the Growing Green Awards.

Food Hero: Chip Taylor, Pollinator Protector Winner of the Growing Green Awards 2014

Chip Taylor has been awarded for his work as director of Monarch Watch, a program protecting monarch butterflies from extinction.

Envisioning the Future of Food, Without Overwhelming the Planet

Earlier this year, National Geographic began a series that explores how to feed a growing population, without overwhelming the planet.

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