Food Heroes

The Good Food Festival and Conference: Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this March

The Good Food Festival and Conference is taking place March 13-15th, 2014 in Chicago.

Bivalves in the Five Boroughs: A History of Oysters in New York City

Where there were once buckets of bivalves, New York harbor is now home to a small, toxic oyster population. Long Island fisheries step in to fill the demand.

“HEALing” with cooking, growing, and eating

HEALing Community Center is reaching beyond the boundaries of traditional medicine to transform the health of residents.

Food Hero: Michael Kelly, founder of Grow It Yourself

Despite the spatial constraints of urban growing, Ireland’s GROW HQ project seeks to reveal the importance of empathy in our relationship with food.

Food Hero: Pam Warhurst and Incredible Edible Transform Todmorden

Pam Warhurst and Incredible Edible transform Todmorden into a sustainable food system model.

Food Hero: Chris Proctor, Founder of Five Loaves

Marketing, advocating and fundraising, the Five Loaves team seats the hungry with the fed through distinct partnerships.

Trestle Group Foundation, Connecting Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Economies

Trestle Group Foundation is paving the way for growth, job creation, and innovation for women entrepreneurs in developing economies.

TED’s 2014 Fellows are Cultivating a Better Food System

TED’s class of 2014 Fellows will focus on “ideas worth spreading;” among them are three fellows cultivating a better food system.

“Open Sesame” Strives to Tell the Story of Seeds

One film sheds light on the story of seeds: thousand years of human history packed into less than an inch.

Gather Baltimore: Reducing Food Waste and Combating Hunger in Baltimore

Volunteer organization, Gather Baltimore, collects unsold produce and bread from farmer’s markets, local farms, and produce distributors to sell and distribute.

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