Food Heroes

Food Hero Series: Russ Kremer, NRDC Growing Green Winner and Pioneer in Antibiotic-free Pig Farming

Food hero, Russ Kremer is a NRDC Going Green winner and a pioneer in environmentally sustainable, humanely-raised drug-free pig farming

April 17th Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Alan Shannon

Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Alan Shannon, Public Affairs Director for the USDA Food and Nutrition Service’s Midwest Region.

April 17th Food Tank Summit Speaker Spotlight: Greg Christian

One of the most anticipated speakers of Food Tank’s upcoming event: ‘We Can Change the Food System, Chicago!’ is Greg Christian

Food Hero Series: Meera Shekar, World Health Leader

Food Hero: Dr. Meera Shekar, Lead Health and Nutrition Specialist for the World Bank specializes in the interactions between food and health issues.

Food Hero Series: Tony Allan, Water Policy Innovator

How much water is in your food? More than you might think. Food Hero Tony Allan shows how food and water policy are connected.

Food Hero Series: Sara Scherr, Queen of EcoAgriculture

Dr. Scherr is an agricultural and natural resources economist who specializes inland and forest management policy in tropical countries. From 2001 to 2005, Dr. Scherr served as Director of Ecosystem Services for Forest Trends. Dr. Scherr also served on the…

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