Food Security

Policymakers Turn to Smallholder Farmers as Partners in Development

Policymakers insist that development agencies must include smallholder farmers as partners rather than beneficiaries in food security and development efforts.

Food for Tomorrow: The New York Times Gathers Food Experts to Discuss the Future of Food

Food for Tomorrow, organized by The New York Times, will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration on solutions to hunger, obesity, and poverty.

How Vegetables Can Save the World

Vegetables play an essential role in healing the global food system. Investing in vegetables means investing in a healthy future!

IFAD and Unilever Team Up to Fund Farmers and Food Security

A new global public-private partnership between IFAD and Unilever will address food security and poverty by improving smallholder access to markets.

Women Are Sowing the Seeds of Food Security in Kyrgyzstan

Women in Kyrgyzstan are growing herbs—and their incomes—-thanks to a WFP initiative.

Mapping the Circular Nature of Conflict and Food Insecurity in Arab Countries

A workshop on enhancing resilience to conflict in Arab countries reveals a complex relationship between conflict and food insecurity in the MENA region.

What is the Number One Complaint About Organic Food?

The Vancouver-based Sole Food Street Farms aims to tackle the challenge of pricey organics by proposing a pay-what-you-can organic veggie stand.

Chicago Council: Harnessing Disruptive Technologies for Agricultural Gains

At the Chicago Council’s Global Food Security Symposium, four speakers participated in lightning presentations to discuss technology in agriculture.

Restoring Stability and Resilience in Crises Countries

In protracted crises countries, food security proves to catalyze rebuilding state stability.

Food: A Forum: Addressing Food Security for a Population of Nine Billion

During “Food Security In an Insecure World,” panelists highlighted the importance of working with farmers and investment in nutrition and infrastructure.