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Antibiotics in the Food System

Check out what experts presented at the New York Academy of Science and Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science’s conference on antibiotics in the food system and what they mean for public and animal health.

Bee Pharma Africa and a Flying Pharmacy

Bee Pharma Africa hopes to build a coalition for research in the use of bee propolis and other bee products for treating human diseases.

An Overlooked Water Resource

Diana Donlon investigates an often overlooked and largely untapped resource available to even drought-stricken California.

Five Questions with JoAnne Berkenkamp, Food Waste Expert and Advocate

Food Tank spoke with JoAnne Berkenkamp, a Senior Advocate in the Food & Agriculture Program at the NRDC, about the problem of food waste.

Thinking Up Solutions to Global Food Issues in Turin

Young people convene Thursday, September 24 in Turin, Italy at SFYN Tank to workshop solutions to global food issues.

Farm Tank Interview with Clover President & CEO Marcus Benedetti

A Food Tank interview with Marcus Benedetti, President and CEO of Clover in Petaluma, CA.

NYC AgTech Week Underway

NYC AgTech Week is back for its second year with over 18 events, ranging from for-profit to nonprofit urban agricultural endeavors.

Responsible Cooking is New Norm at Copenhagen’s “Amass”

Matthew Orlando shares his thoughts on Amass Restaurant’s attempt at zero food waste.

New Scorecard: Olive Garden Gets F for Inaction on Antibiotics

“Chain Reaction” report from Friends of the Earth details which American chain restaurants adopted policies restricting antibiotics use by their suppliers.

FAO and the Self-Employed Women’s Association Announce Partnership

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization announced that it will form a partnership with the Self-Employed Women’s Association in India.

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