Food Waste

In a World Full of Holiday Excess, Let’s Stand Up and Combat Food Waste

During the holidays, resolve to make waste in the food system part of our past, not our future.

Food Waste in Japan: How Eco-towns and Recycling Loops are Encouraging Self-Sufficiency

Food waste in Japan was equivalent to the amount of annual rice production, but Japan’s Food Recycling Law has implemented reduction methods.

Harvesting Nutrition Contest—Apply Now!

The Harvesting Nutrition Contest calls on applicants with projects that bridge the gaps between agriculture, food security, and nutrition.

Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) YES! Finalists Seek Solutions to Food Paradoxes

The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) YES! contest finalists offer creative solutions to reduce environmental impact and achieve global food security.

Forum Highlights Steps Needed for Globally Sustainable Food System

Ideas for a sustainable food future will be shared at an international food and nutrition forum this November.

Countertop Technology Prevents Food Waste

Andrew Shakman thinks data is the key to prevent food waste, provide environmental benefits, and save institutions money.

Waste Not, Want Not: Away From Landfills and into Empty Stomachs

An estimated 133 billion pounds of food produced in the U.S. in 2010 never made it into people’s stomachs.

“Feeding the Planet” Summit Brings Together Experts to Discuss Feeding a Growing Population

The George Washington University’s Planet Forward Project hosted Feeding the Planet Summit, bringing together experts to discuss feeding a growing population.

Gather Baltimore: Reducing Food Waste and Combating Hunger in Baltimore

Volunteer organization, Gather Baltimore, collects unsold produce and bread from farmer’s markets, local farms, and produce distributors to sell and distribute.

U.S. EPA Initiative Fights Food Waste at the Household Level

King County, Washington is tackling household food waste through a new initiative and partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.