Food Waste

Missed the Food Waste Free NYC Livestream Event Last Night? Watch the Recording!

Yesterday, Food Tank hosted a groundbreaking event on the global problem of food waste. The recording of the event is now available for viewing.

Kroger Spearheads Food Waste Conversion for Renewable Energy

Kroger seeks to transform 55,000 tons of unsellable food waste into energy to power their distribution center in Compton, California

Vermont Law Takes On Food Waste

Vermont combates food waste and goes further than any other state to integrate composting into the state’s waste management plan.

Innovations in Farming Fighting Food Waste Around the World

While food waste is a global problem, farmers worldwide are stepping up to offer solutions.

America’s Food Waste Problem and Hope in the Food Recovery Movement

According to guest author Ben Simon, founder of the Food Recovery Network, preventing food waste is good for the environment – and for business.

The Global FoodBanking Network Helps Turn the Problem of Food Waste into a Humanitarian Solution

The Global FoodBanking Network creates, supplies, and strengthens food banks and food bank networks around the world, using food waste as a solution to hunger.

Food Tank Book of the Week: American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom

Jonathan Bloom’s American Wasteland remains a driving force in bringing the problem of food waste in America into the national consciousness.

International Year of Family Farming: Reducing Food Waste Among Smallholder Farmers in Kenya

One Acre Fund conducted a trial of low-cost and safe methods of maize storage for Kenyan farmers.

Natural Resources Defense Council Shares Four Ways to Eat Green

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recommends four ways to “eat green” in order to help save the environment.

118 Twitter Feeds Every Food Activist Needs to Follow

Food Tank has chosen 118 Twitter accounts for those involved in the food movement, or anyone who just wants to know more about the food system.