International Year of Family Farming: New Bill in India May Combat Rural Poverty with Micro-Plots

India’s Parliament will be voting soon on the National Right to Homestead Bill, part of the country’s latest Five Year Plan.

The False Banana, Key to Food Security

Enset is a vital pulse crop in Ethiopia, contributing to food security through nutritional and caloric intake, as well as environmental sustainability.

Transforming the Food System in Australia – From the Ground Up

This guest post from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) announces the launch of Australia’s first Fair Food Week.

International Year of Family Farming: Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Challenging Gender Roles

Bukonzo Joint is a member-owned coffee cooperative in Uganda that works to fight gender inequity and poverty in environmentally sustainable ways.

Nutrition Champion Awards 2013 Will Celebrate Unsung Heroes in the Field

Research to Action’s guest post announces that the Nutrition Champion Awards will celebrate the unsung heroes working in the nutrition development field.

118 Twitter Feeds Every Food Activist Needs to Follow

Food Tank has chosen 118 Twitter accounts for those involved in the food movement, or anyone who just wants to know more about the food system.

Saying Yes to Women’s Empowerment with BlueAvocado

BlueAvocado is a sustainable business empowering women micro-entrepreneurs across the world.

Danielle Reports Back

While climate change poses a serious threat to farming all over the world, I’m mostly feeling hopeful about—and invigorated by—the future of agriculture.

Family Farming is the Key to Alleviating Hunger and Poverty

Food Tank and FAO are highlighting effective ways to provide family farmers with the tools they need to really nourish the world.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team CrOpportunity

Would you choose food with a “certified food secure” label?