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Food Stamp Use Rises in U.S., Along with Poverty

Food stamp use in the U.S. continues to grow, gaining attention from lawmakers keen on cutting important safety net programs.

Study: Crop Yield Trends Not on Track to Meet Global Demand in 2050

A new study warns that global production of food crops is not increasing quickly enough to meet the world’s projected needs in 2050.

FAO Promotes New Agroforestry Rules

The U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says new rules and policies will need to be implemented around the world in order to fully realize agroforestr

Widowhood and Equal Land Rights: An Ignored Injustice

This guest post from Girls’ Globe illustrates how global attention towards widows pales in comparison to other women’s issues.

Weeds Make Their Way from Garden to Gourmet

Weeds are becoming increasingly popular with reputable chefs and are making their way into farmers’ markets and grocery stores alike.

13 Books on the Food System That Could Save the Environment

Check out these 13 books that identify and explain the problems in the food system—and how to make changes in it.

Pro-Natura’s Biochar “Super Vegetable Gardens”

Pro-Natura is launching a multi-faceted program to incorporate biochar into tropical agricultural farming methods.

System of Rice Intensification a Sustainable Option for Family Farmers

By simultaneously benefiting smallholder farmers and the environment, System of Rice Intensification methodology could be the face of the future of farming.

Food Hero Series: Interview with Selina Juul

Food Tank interviews Selina Juul, Danish food waste expert and founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement in preparation for World Environment Day.