Innovation and Technology

    Democratizing Innovation

    The Democratizing Innovation panel discussed the connection between industry and innovation, as well as the challenges of scaling up and scaling out innovative

    Hacking Agriculture

    Agriculture and software developers- an unlikely duo?

    Waste Not Want Not in the Food System

    Panelists at the Food Tank Summit discussed the issue of food loss and waste, as well as innovative solutions to curb food waste.

    The New Yuppies: How to Build a New Generation of Tech-Savvy Farmers

    If the highest calibre of young people become farmers it will improve food security and help solve the unemployment crisis. Can tech make farming cool?

    International Partnership Creating Biodiversity Database

    Genetic information from global gene banks will finally be made public and searchable thanks to new international initiative.

    11 Apps for Your Next Trip to the Farmers Market

    Find local farmer’ markets that support in-season organic food and make the best market shopping choices using your smartphone.

    Five Ways Cell Phones are Changing Agriculture in Africa

    Africa innovatively harnesses the power of mobile technology to improve agricultural practices.

    23 Mobile Apps Changing the Food System

    These 23 mobile apps are helping eaters, gardeners, and food enthusiasts live more environmentally sustainable, less wasteful, healthy, and delicious lives.

    66 Instagram Accounts Helping Cultivate a Better Food System!

    One of the fastest-growing social media networks is Instagram– Food Tank highlights 66 Instagram accounts cultivating a better food system!

    Three Questions with Emily Broad Leib of Harvard Law School

    Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with Emily Broad Leib, of Harvard Law School, who will be speaking at the 1st Annual Food Tank Summit.