Policy and Organizing

Workers’ Fight to Form Unions in the South

The South has formed the smallest number of unions in the United States, which has lead to poor working conditions and lack of workers’ rights.

Working with GFAR, Young Agri-professionals Become Global Leaders

Young agriculturalists speak out about why youth are not attracted to careers in farming and how to change that trend.

IYFF: World Farmers’ Organization Elects New President at General Assembly Meeting

World Farmers’ Organization members elect Peter Kendall as next president.

Don’t Forget Landscapes! LPFN Drafts a Position Statement for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

LPFN has drafted a position statement to send to the United Nations’ Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that landscapes are included.

IYFF:Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative promotes community-based tribal food system development

The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative has launched more than 50 small-scale tribal food system projects.

Coalition Building Supports a Healthier Community

Healthy changes are the result of community collaboration in DuPage County in Illinois, U.S.

IYFF Falls on Middle Year of Substantial IFAD Argentinian Investment

2014, The International Year of Family Farming, is also the mid-program point of a US$150 million IFAD investment in Argentinian family farmers.

Insects on a Global Food Agenda

Reared on farms, featured on menus, processed into foods or used as animal feed, insects can be an important food source.

Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United: Supporting Restaurant Workers

Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United is a non-profit organization that works to raise restaurant industry standards.

Groups call on Olympians to reject McDonald’s sponsorship

Open letter calls on Olympic medalists to be champions of children’s heath by publicly renouncing McDonald’s sponsorship.