Public Health

Maintaining Nutrition from Farm to Fork with Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture

In July 2014, IFAD hosted a four-day workshop to discuss the growing need for nutrient-sensitive agriculture.

Rice Varieties Critical to Culture and Biodiversity at Risk of Extinction

Culturally significant heirloom rice varieties in the Philippines are at risk of extinction.

New Calorie Labeling Rule Will Help Consumers Make Informed Choices

New rules require calorie labeling on vending machines and chain restaurant menus.

New iPhone App Strives to Increase Food Access in New Orleans

New iPhone app has the potential to increase food security in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Andean Values have Promoted Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture for Centuries

Indigenous people in Andes promote sustainable agriculture and crop biodiversity.

Sign Food Tank’s Petition to Support a Tax on Harmful Sugary Drinks

The SWEET Act is a bill aimed to limit the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages by taxing each ounce of added sugar.

10 Cities Leading the Conversation on Sustainable Eating

These ten cities around the world are revolutionizing their food systems and leading the conversation on sustainable eating.

The Double Pyramid Guides Eaters to Healthy and Sustainable Food Choices

The Double Pyramid reimagines the way eaters calculate the consequences of their dietary choices by encouraging healthy and sustainable foods.

Researchers Find an Area the Size of the EU is Cultivated in Urban Areas Around the World

A recent study documents the extent of urban and peri-urban croplands around the world and what resources those farms consume.