Small-Scale Farming

La Via Campesina and the Path to Food Sovereignty

La Via Campesina is an international movement giving voice to small- and medium-scale farmers around the world.

The Right Investments Can Help Lift Millions of Farmers from Poverty

“With the right policies and programs in place, solutions can be found,” said Esther Penunia, General Secretary of the Asian Farmers’ Association.

The Peterson Garden Project: Teaching Chicago to Grow

The Peterson Garden Project is teaching people how to bring their food from garden to table by introducing a gardening guide and a teaching kitchen in 2014.

Conflict and Agriculture

In honor of the United State’s Veterans Day; highlighting 13 veteran and refugee agriculture projects across the world that are helping to heal wounds of war.

40 Chances to Create a Better Food System

Food Tank has compiled a list of 40 individuals and organizations breaking the status quo in food and nutrition security, food sovereignty, and food justice.

Food Sovereignty Prize Honorees Attend World Food Prize Ceremonies

The winners of the Food Sovereignty Prize, recognized for “fighting for the right to food for all,” will be attending the World Food Prize Ceremony.

14 Reasons to Be Hopeful About the Future of Food

Food Tank’s mission is to highlight stories of hope and success. These are 14 reasons to be hopeful about the future of the food system.

40 Organizations That Are Shaking Up the Food System

These 40 organizations are doing invaluable work to change the way we eat, grow, cook, buy, and sell food.