Sustainable Agriculture

Geeks and Agriculture Lovers Unite!

The GCARD2 Social Reporting Team is at the root of an ever-growing organic movement.

Could Sustainable Intensification Create a Food Secure Future for Africa?

A Montpellier Panel report calls for the scaling up of sustainable intensification in African agriculture to feed a growing population.

Food Hero: GROW HQ, Urban Food Empathy Center, Builds Local Food Movement in Ireland

In the context of food empathy, urban food growing is not a waste of time – it’s the silver bullet.

Innovations for Sustainability: Food Hubs Create New Links in the Food Chain

Food Hubs reduce the barriers to entry in a large scale, international food system, helping small- and medium-scale local farmers to gain market access.

International Year of Family Farming: Teaching Gardens Create Healthier, More Informed Students

The AVRDC will expand its teaching garden program, which has been proven to improve nutrition and knowledge of indigenous crops.

Got Water Problems? Build Healthy Soil

Is rising water insecurity tied to widespread soil degradation?

Thank Native Bees for a Bountiful Fall Harvest

Those who can’t imagine Halloween without pumpkins to carve or Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie owe a big thank-you to native bees.

Indigenous Crop: Dried or Fresh, Wild Bush Tomato Is Delicious and Nutritious

The bush tomato has long been an important food source for Australia’s Indigenous people, rich in nutrients and taste.

No More Business-As-Usual, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Calls for Change

The U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network offers new approaches to food systems and agriculture across the globe.

Urban Foraging in London Yields Delicious Results

Jason Irving’s Forage Wild Food runs foraging walks across London to help people learn how to identify edible plants that are nutritious and tasty.