Sustainable Agriculture

Food Hero: The Sylvia Center: Childhood Education from Farm to Fork

This week’s Food Hero, The Sylvia Center, engages youth in food education from farm to fork.

International Year of Family Farming: Five Initiatives Supporting Indigenous Farmers

Indigenous smallholder farmers have a significant impact on biodiversity and natural resource conservation.

Danielle Reports Back

While climate change poses a serious threat to farming all over the world, I’m mostly feeling hopeful about—and invigorated by—the future of agriculture.

USDA Updates National Farmers Market Directory for National Farmers Market Week

The USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory now lists 8,144 markets, up from 5,000 in 2008.

Family Farming is the Key to Alleviating Hunger and Poverty

Food Tank and FAO are highlighting effective ways to provide family farmers with the tools they need to really nourish the world.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team Foodisclosure

Can a small LED light offer a big contribution to food security?

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team O.A.S.I.S./Project Desert Farms

Students envision cultivating the desert as a solution to food insecurity.

Thought for Food Challenge Finalist: Team Ingenerovictus

Team Ingenerovictus envisions turning food scraps into fertilizer and incentivizing food donations with an Android credit system.

North Brooklyn Farms Opens to the Public

The newest addition to New York’s urban farming community opens to the public.

‘Organic’ One Of The Most Confusing Labels, Report Says

The label “organic” is one of the most confusing for consumers, says a new report by the Natural Foods Merchandiser.