Sustainable Agriculture

This Little Piggy Went to Market: Paul Willis & Niman Ranch Help Small Family Farms Get to Market

Paul Willis and Niman Ranch are fighting back against the “big pig” pork industry, finding a place in the market for the small family farmer.

Food Tank Book of the Week: The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan

The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan explains how plants have appealed to human desires but are losing their diversity as human control takes over.

Innovation for Sustainability: Driptech Offers Innovative Irrigation Technology for the 21st Century

Driptech is an inexpensive and user-friendly drip irrigation technology which allows farmers in the developing world to save water in these water-scarce times.

Niman is a Pig’s Best Friend

Niman offers the convenience of ordering from a larger brand with the conscience of knowing the animals lived better lives.

Forum Highlights Steps Needed for Globally Sustainable Food System

Ideas for a sustainable food future will be shared at an international food and nutrition forum this November.

“Feeding the Planet” Summit Brings Together Experts to Discuss Feeding a Growing Population

The George Washington University’s Planet Forward Project hosted Feeding the Planet Summit, bringing together experts to discuss feeding a growing population.

Seeds Are Unlikely Stars of Global Restaurant Scene

Chefs and seed breeders form one of the most powerful partnerships changing today’s food system.

International Year of Family Farming: Small Grants Go a Long Way for Farmers Markets

Recent evidence shows that grants from USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program were effective in promoting local food systems.

Urban Agriculture Keeps Pace with Population Growth in India

India’s urban populations are growing, but cities such as Nanded are embracing the change by incorporating agriculture into urban planning.

Innovation for Sustainability: Bhungroo Boosts Incomes and Food Security for Women Farmers

Biplab Paul has developed a technique to improve crop irrigation in Gujaret, raising incomes by more than 1,000 percent within two years.