Food Systems Leaders Call for Recognition of the True Value of Food

“I don’t think we value the food enough,” says Zitouni Ould-Dada, Deputy Director in the Climate and Environment Division at the FAO. “We don’t value the soil enough. We don’t value the ecosystems in general enough.”

Dispatch from the U.N. Climate Change Conference: Friday, Nov. 11

The FAO is planning to launch an initiative this year to tackle on-farm emissions as part of the urgent need to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Dispatch from the U.N. Climate Change Conference: Thursday, Nov. 10

AT COP27, experts are highlighting the burden shouldered by farmers, the value of Indigenous knowledge systems, and encouraging investors to finance food systems transformation

Dispatch from the U.N. Climate Change Conference: Wednesday, Nov. 9

FoodCOP27 is already off to an incredible start, featuring conversations on the power of youth, the transfer of knowledge from the Global South to the North, and the interconnectedness of climate and nutrition.

New Reports Make the Case for Food Systems as a Climate Solution

Leading researchers are helping prioritize food systems at the COP27 discussions in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with groundbreaking new reports.

The Importance of Increasing the Resilience of Food and Nutrition Security to Climate Change

Heading into COP27, it’s important to remember that the severity of climate change consequences is critically dependent on progress to reduce emissions and to adapt.

150+ speakers. 10 days. 4 food system pavilions. 1 planet to save.

For the first time, COP27 will feature multiple food systems pavilions, providing a historic opportunity to get food and agriculture systems on the agenda.

Join Food Tank at the U.N. Climate Change Conference

At COP27, Food Tank is co-curating programming to bring together an inspiring group of changemakers working to ensure that food and agriculture systems are seen as a key part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Climate Agreement Aims to Cut Emissions with Food System Reform

The COP27 Climate Agreement on Food and Farming says plant-based diets and sustainable farming are crucial for GHG emissions reduction.

The U.N. Food Systems Summit One Year On: Is it Just a Paper Tiger?

On the first anniversary of the U.N. Food Systems Summit, it’s important to ask: Was it all talk and no action? Can the beautiful food system transformation plans come to life?

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