Garjana World Premier - 4
“Garjana is about to be New York City’s hottest trend, and it’s powered by Broadway dancers.”
-Ruthie Fierberg, Playbill Magazine
”the abundant smiles, encouragement, and laughs left no room to worry.”
New York Times
“Stars from Broadway, music, film, and television [leading] Garjana.”
Broadway World
“Several recent studies have found that millennials are now choosing dancing over drinking, clean living over cocktails, and connecting with people over isolation with their iPhones. Garjana is their new outlet.”
World Premiere Immersive Theatrical Experience

Coming soon, GARJANA will offer audiences a dynamic fusion of climate activism and performance like nothing ever experienced before.

GARJANA is based on a recurring dream by Bernard Pollack, the board chairman and co-founder of Food Tank, the fastest-growing global nonprofit advocating for a more sustainable food system. He has brought together an Emmy, Tony, Oscar and Grammy award-winning creative and artistic team to activate audiences with a next-level interactive experience to inspire a revolution in the theater and beyond.

What Is Garjana?

Garjana is a planet. NASA calls it Kepler-452b in the constellation Cygnus. Locals call it Garjana.

A few years back, a tiny blue capsule landed on Earth and some guy found it and gave it to the CIA. Turns out the capsule was an urgent message from the people of Garjana, seeking help because their planet sinking underwater due to climate change. Turns out the Garjanese people have been suffering the effects of over-industrialization just like us but their situation was even more advanced than ours. The capsule came with instructions on how to build a spacecraft that could get us to Garjana and a cool little glowing thing that provides a HUGE amount of power. Alien stuff!

So the CIA built the ship and sent a bunch of Earthlings but we arrived too late; only a small patch of land was left. But the few remaining survivors created an incredible society called the Lihi Tribe, who have embraced a simple, optimistic way of life, treating every day as a cause to celebrate and connect through music, dance, food, fashion and an overarching sense of goofiness.

GARJANA recreates how the Lihis introduced the Earthlings to their unique lifestyle, turning the audience into central characters of the show. Everyone in the theater is given musical instruments and they all sing, dance and play alongside the performers. People even make their own clothes and feast on alien food. It’s vegan and allergen-free. You’re welcome.

Of course, all this good would be nothing without some evil. Turns out there’s a rival tribe called the Jaku who want to steal the Earthlings’ spacecraft for their own purposes. This could strand us all on Garjana forever! Oh no! In a huge finale, the audience engages in a dance battle alongside the Lihi Tribe to save themselves from the Jakus, win control of their spacecraft and return home to Earth. The dance battle is judged by a giant cat. This is a silly show with serious urgency.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the most timely and immersive experience to hit the theater scene or the good food movement!

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GARJANA offers corporate and private partnership opportunities to engage and activate a brand new base of theater audiences and participants in the good food and climate movements. If you are interested in learning more about the high value packages and want to get in on the ground floor of the GARJANA revolution, please contact:

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