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2017: The Year in Food

Food Tank, the global think tank dedicated to exploring sustainability in food and agriculture, has released an extraordinary compilation of major food stories from 2017.

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Here’s How We Can Conserve Nearly Two Billion Tons of Food Thrown Away Annually

People generally waste too much food every day, but a global network of farmers, businesses and policymakers has a plan to change that.

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Q&A: Danielle Nierenberg Is Spreading the Word on Global Food Issues 

In the food industry, one of the biggest thinker success stories has been Food Tank, a four-year-old think tank co-founded by Danielle Nierenberg.

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Fighting Food Waste during World Food Prize Week

Former U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture discuss if food restriction, nutritional education or a combination of the two are needed for people on the SNAP program during the World Food Prize’s Iowa Hunger Summit in Des Moines.

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This college junior is fighting food waste to help the needy

Maria Rose Belding is a rising junior at American University and in between studying, doing homework and taking tests, she runs a non-profit that helps cut down food waste in 48 states.

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Paris, Trump, and the Food System: Ten Experts Weigh In

Food and farming hasn’t gotten a lot of lip service in the climate change debate, but it should: globally, agriculture, forestry and other land-based industries are responsive for 24 percent of GHG emissions, far more than cars and trucks.

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Nonprofit Food Tank Kicks Off Cardio-Dance Workout ‘Garjana’

The one-hour workout aims to raise money for the nonprofit Food Tank through ticket sales and donations to promote efforts in New York City to reduce and/or eliminate food waste.

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Sustainable Foods Cropping Up

Farm-to-table can be misleading, however. While produce usually comes from a farm of some sort, many of these are corporate farms. And nearly all of our meats come from factory farms, huge industrial operations focusing on efficiency.

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The 30 Faces of the New Healthy

Celebrate the pioneers who define what healthy means now in our food culture, from farmers and chefs to policy wonks and tech entrepreneurs. Researcher and activist Danielle Nierenberg calls attention to the world’s most pressing food issues—hunger, obesity, nutrition…

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A New Book Reminds the Next Generation of Farmers that “Farming Has Always Been A Political Act”

The United States is in an agricultural bind. Farmers are retiring at alarming rates, profits are down, and starting a new small farm takes guts and money.

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EPA Goes Against Its Own Findings and Rejects Ban on Controversial Pesticide

As the world was distracted by the news that the Energy Department’s climate office banned the use of the phrases “climate change”, “emissions reduction”, and “Paris Agreement”…

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“Food is politics”—A celebrity chef calls for foodies to stand up against Trump

This may not be the way to settle a lawsuit with the new US president. José Andrés, the celebrity chef sued by US president Donald Trump after refusing to open a restaurant in his new Washington DC hotel, today called for people—foodies, in particular…

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