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FoodPrints: Cultivating Healthy Futures in D.C. Schools

FoodPrints is enriching school curricula with gardening, cooking, and nutrition to empower students and foster sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

20 Food Systems Reads that Will Inspire You this Summer

Discover a handpicked selection of inspiring summer reads that offer fresh perspectives on sustainability, agriculture, and the future of food systems.

We Need to Change the Conversation about Food and Climate. Here’s What Leaders Have to Say

The climate conversation often centers heavily on carbon. But the pandemic showed us the need for resilient supply chains, and nature-friendly farming has benefits that go beyond that.

Revitalizing Rural Communities Means Supporting Small Farms

Between 1935 and 2023, the number of farms in the U.S. decreased by 72 percent, while the average farm size nearly tripled.

Dispatch from London Climate Action Week

Tens of thousands of advocates, researchers, business and financial leaders, policymakers, and more have gathered in the the UK to discuss how we can mobilize funding and policy support to transition to a greener climate.

Transforming the Baltic and North Seas with Algae-Based Solutions

AlgaeProBANOS wants to take advantage of the abundance of algae by sustainably harvesting, marketing, and finding ways to integrate it into circular economies.

Keep an Ear to the Ground with these Engaging, Urgent Food Stories

These shows are telling urgent, engaging stories about food and agriculture systems that will leave listeners feeling energized and motivated to take action.

22 Podcasts on Food, Farming, and Sustainability

In Food Tank’s latest roundup, listeners will find shows covering everything from the dark secrets of the sugar industry to the work of food policy champions.

Op-Ed | USDA Opens the Door to Climate-Friendly School Meals

New nutrition standards for child nutrition programs just released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will give students a better chance of eating healthy, sustainable meals.

Urban Garden Project to Connect and Empower Community Gardens

The Urban Garden Project aims to provide essential resources that will help community-centered green spaces thrive.

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