Niaz Dorry
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Niaz Dorry is the coordinating director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA). She and her dog Hailey live in Gloucester, Massachusetts - the oldest settled fishing port in the U.S. She has been working to advance the rights, economic sustainability and ecological benefits of indigenous and community based fishermen for 22 years. Time Magazine named Niaz as a Hero For The Planet for her work fighting against the industrialization, privatization, and corporate takeover of fisheries. Her work and approach have been noted in a number of books including Against the Tide, Deeper Shade of Green, The Spirit's Terrain, Vanishing Species, The Great Gulf, Swimming in Circles, A Troublemaker's Teaparty and The Doryman's Reflection.

Ten Questions with Niaz Dorry, Coordinating Director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Food Tank spoke with Niaz Dorry, from the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, who will be speaking at the Food Tank Summit in Washington, D.C.

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