Stephanie Van Dyke
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Stephanie Van Dyke works in sustainable agriculture and local food policy in Minneapolis, MN. Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College, where she received a BA in Economics and Psychology and gained a particular interest in social entrepreneurship and increasing healthy food access.

New Developments in the System of Rice Intensification (SRI): An Interview with Norman Uphoff

Food Tank interviewed Norman Uphoff to learn about recent updates with his work.

Redefining Farm-To-Table Eggs in Minnesota: An Interview with Locally Laid Egg Company

Locally Laid Egg Company, a family-run farm in Wrenshall, MN is redefining farm-to-table eggs and strengthening rural economies.

Date Labeling Confusion Causes Food Waste, Consumer Uncertainty

A new short film from the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic examines expiration dates and food waste.

Eighteen Food-Focused Books You Must Read This Spring

Food Tank has selected 18 books that will inspire and inform readers on topics ranging from food justice to urban composting to local food systems.

22 Organizations Working to Restore Soils in 2016

This week, Food Tank highlights 22 organizations that are restoring soils and ecosystems worldwide.

Changing The Future of Fish

Sustainable seafood organizations are working to save fish and oceans worldwide.

Empowering Young People and Nurturing Equitable Food Systems

The Massachusetts Avenue Project is building a more equitable food system and educating young people to be food justice advocates.

Cooked: Michael Pollan’s New Netflix Series Explores the Human History of Cooking

Michael Pollan and documentarian Alex Gibney team up for the new four-part Netflix series called Cooked.

Improving Food Access in Minnesota

Second Harvest Heartland and Hennepin County Medical Center combine efforts to address food insecurity and chronic disease in Minnesota.

Lowering Meat Consumption, Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change

Chatham House researchers encourage the global community to eat less meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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