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20 Food Systems Reads that Will Inspire You this Summer

Discover a handpicked selection of inspiring summer reads that offer fresh perspectives on sustainability, agriculture, and the future of food systems.

Keep an Ear to the Ground with these Engaging, Urgent Food Stories

These shows are telling urgent, engaging stories about food and agriculture systems that will leave listeners feeling energized and motivated to take action.

22 Podcasts on Food, Farming, and Sustainability

In Food Tank’s latest roundup, listeners will find shows covering everything from the dark secrets of the sugar industry to the work of food policy champions.

Making Big Bets for a More Resilient Future

“People are yearning for a message that is grounded in the idea that we can still do big things together,” says Rajiv Shah.

Book Excerpt: Commodities and Consolidation

Farmers were encouraged to grow corn and soy whether prices were high or low, even on the most marginal land.

Cultivate Food Sovereignty in Your Home Garden with these Resources

These books offer tips and inspiration for anyone looking to get their hands in the dirt and grow their own food.

These 20 Books Are Your Guide to the Past, Present, and Future of Food and Ag

These books are starting points to explore new topics and go down new pathways as you deepen your understanding of food and agriculture.

Solutions on Screen: The Power of Documentaries to Spur Food Systems Change

From Wild Hope to Abundance, new documentaries are emerging to spotlight solutions for eaters and the planet. 

Unveiling the Revolutionary Role of Food in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

The recently published Food Power Politics: The Food Story of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement by Bobby J. Smith II spotlights the role of food as a political weapon and tool for resistance in the context of the Civil Rights…

‘Little Peasants’ Takes Audiences Behind the Closed Doors of a Workers’ Organizing Campaign

Little Peasants puts audience members in baristas’ shoes and reveals the tactics employers use to thwart organizing efforts. 

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