Opening the Subcontinent to Agricultural Information Systems

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and partners held an "Open Access to Agricultural Knowledge for Inclusive Growth” workshop to address improving accessibility of agricultural data and knowledge for small-scale Indian farmers via technology.

Seven Awesome Food Organizations in Oregon

Oregon has seven top organizations named in the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank’s just-released 2014 Good Food Org Guide.

Broadcasting Central & West African Agricultural Innovation

Since 2012, CORAF/WECARD has posted videos on its site and YouTube to promote innovation, thought exchange, and promotion of agribusiness in West and Central Africa—with features covering technological advances in plantain production to the sustainable intensification of integrated crop systems.

Five Awesome Food Organizations in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has five top organizations named in the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank’s just-released 2014 Good Food Org Guide.

Panera Bread Makes New Commitment to Animal Welfare Standards

Panera Bread will reduce use of antibiotics and confinement for farm animals in its United States supply chain for Panera Bread and St. Louis Bread Company bakery-cafes.

VIDEO RELEASE: Biocultural Diversity Combats Climate Change

Food Tank produced a video highlighting how biocultural landscapes can benefit the health of both people and the planet.

Cityblooms Brings Fresh Food to Tight Spaces

Modular urban microfarming units combined with internet controlled hydroponic growing solutions prove an elegant solution tight urban spaces. A Food Tank interview with Cityblooms CEO and Farmer-in-Chief, Nick Halmos.

Five Awesome Food Organizations in Ohio

Ohio has five top organizations named in the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank’s just-released 2014 Good Food Org Guide.

Reindeer Herders of Northern Europe Confront Climate Change

The Sámi, the indigenous people of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, are fighting for their culture and their environment in the face of climate change.

President Clinton and Global Leaders Inspired by Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Following their groundbreaking work improving conditions for workers in the Florida tomato industry, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is recognized with a Clinton Global Initiative award at star-studded New York City ceremony.

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On October 26, The James Beard Foundation and Food Tank released the "2014 Good Food Org Guide," a definitive resource that highlights the exemplary work non-profit organizations in the United States are doing on food and agriculture, nutrition and health, hunger and obesity, and food justice.

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Food Tank is joining the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and over 360 civil society and farmer's organizations in celebrating the International Year of Family Farming.



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