Cassandra Gates
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Cassandra Gates is a nutritionist and co-owner of Broth Baby, a line of small-batch bone broths. She is passionate about soil health and exploring our connection to wellness through food.

2018 NYC Food Tank Summit: Solving On-Farm Food Loss

“We need new generations to help create solutions to issues we’ve created in the past. We need more than economic return,” says Flor. “We need to care about nutrition, environment, biodiversity. It will require a different food system altogether.”

2018 NYC Food Tank Summit: Restaurants and Companies Fighting Food Waste

There is a consensus between the panelists that education is key. “We need to educate the kitchen staff to be creative and be able to use waste to create new dishes,” says Dadisi Olutosin, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Plated Food Groupe.

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