Elisha Goodman
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Elisha Goodman is an organic farmer at heart, transplanted to the city where she works as a strategist on sustainability, food, waste, and economic and community development. She spent seven years as an organic farmer in Hawaii and a year in the High Desert of Arizona teaching people to grow food organically in low-water conditions. She also is co-founder of Maa-Bara, a social enterprise that took aquaponics overseas to Africa. Most recently, she conducted research and writing for the World Bank on water saving agricultural technology. She holds a Master in City Planning from MIT and is a certified Permaculturist. You can connect with her at https://www.elishagoodman.com

2018 NYC Food Tank Summit: Improving Food Recovery Panel

“We need new generations to help create solutions to issues we’ve created in the past. We need more than economic return,” says Flor. “We need to care about nutrition, environment, biodiversity. It will require a different food system altogether.”

2018 NYC Food Tank Summit: Fireside Chat with Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle sits down with Food Tank President Danielle Nierenberg to talk food activism and how every eater can start local to help build a better food system by voting with their dollars.

2018 NYC Food Tank Summit: Fireside Chat with Roy Steiner and Rhea Suh

“It can take 10 years to get maize to give you a 15-percent increase in productivity,” says Steiner, who previously worked in plant breeding. “And in one year you can get a 15-percent reduction in loss,” by implementing food loss mitigation strategies. 

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