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EU Bill Protects Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Food Security

The European Union has recently passed a bill that protects indigenous rights to natural resources and traditional knowledge.

IYFF: Community Knowledge Workers in Colombia Train Farmers to Use Mobile Agriculture Technology

Grameen Foundation’s Community Knowledge Worker initiative helps smallholder farmers in Colombia improve agricultural productivity.

IYFF:Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative promotes community-based tribal food system development

The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative has launched more than 50 small-scale tribal food system projects.

IYFF: Climate-Smart Villages will help farmers in Nepal adapt to climate change

Climate-Smart Villages in Nepal link smallholder farmers to agricultural markets and teach farming techniques to weather climate change.

The United Kingdom’s ‘This is Rubbish’ Calls for Food Waste Prevention in the Food Industry

‘This is Rubbish’ aims to prevent food waste before it starts in the United Kingdom’s food industry.

Bhutan’s New Development Paradigm advocates for sustainable development

Bhutan’s New Development Paradigm places sustainable agriculture and food and water security at the center of the development agenda.

Study suggests multinational companies can contribute to local agricultural development

A recent study suggests that multinational corporations can work with local industries to transform agricultural markets.

Meals For Good makes healthy, home-cooked meals easy and affordable

Meals For Good aims to make cooking at home healthy, affordable and effortless.

Le Laboratoire’s experiments pioneer future designs for food and water sustainability

Le Laboratoire unites art and science to innovate designs that may promote environmental sustainability.

EcoFarm Conference provides opportunities for novice farmers

The 2014 EcoFarm Conference offers food producers a forum to learn more about how to promote a sustainable and just food system.

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