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Mapping the Circular Nature of Conflict and Food Insecurity in Arab Countries

A workshop on enhancing resilience to conflict in Arab countries reveals a complex relationship between conflict and food insecurity in the MENA region.

Innovation for Sustainability—WISErg Harvests Nutrients from Food Waste

WISErg’s “zero waste nutrient recovery system” intercepts nutrients from discarded food before it becomes waste.

Women-Run Cereal Bank in Niger Combats Food Crisis

A unique food bank run exclusively by women in Niger is improving nutrition and keeping families together.

Literacy Program Empowers Farmers in Mozambique

A literacy program in Mozambique helps smallholder farmers achieve basic literacy.

Goat Husbandry Program Uplifts HIV-Positive Women Farmers

IFAD is supporting the Harmony Women’s Club’s efforts to keep women farmers living with HIV and AIDS healthy and financially stable.

Women in Ecuador Overcome Barriers in Family Nutrition and Farming

A new initiative in Ecuador is feeding malnourished families while supporting local women smallholder farmers.

The Indigenous Farming Project Augments Native American Food Sovereignty Efforts

The Indigenous Farming Project is a pilot program that will support small-scale Native American agricultural projects in the Owens Valley of California.

Canada Aims to Achieve Food Security Through Seed Diversity Initiative

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security aims to achieve food security in Canada by increasing seed diversity.

Fog-harvesting Company in Bolivia Will Combat Water Insecurity

Fogua aims to harvest and sell fog water to support the development of water security projects in developing areas of the world.

IYFF: New Brand in Peru Supports Local Women Organic Farmers

Peru’s AGROECO and ANPE-PERU are promoting a brand that will support the cultivation and sale of organic produce by smallholder women farmers.

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