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Beth Krietsch is a New York-based freelance writer who covers health and technology. She is also working towards a Master of Public Health degree at New York University with a concentration in Public Health Nutrition. Her primary interests are food and nutrition policy, sustainable food systems, and the ways in which food access and food marketing contribute to chronic disease. She can be found on Twitter at @bkrietsch.

Take Extinction Off Your Plate: Eat Less Meat

The Center for Biological Diversity has launched a new campaign to encourage reduced meat consumption.

Using Fresh and Local Ingredients to Improve School Meals in the Midwest

Gorilla Gourmet provides nutritious, organic, locally-sourced meals for thousands of school children across Illinois and Wisconsin.

Artificial Fertilizer Use levels-off as regions reach state of diminishing returns

Artificial fertilizer use is leveling off and even decreasing in many regions of the world as countries have started to reach a state of diminishing returns.

Innovation for Sustainability: Drying Racks Improve Fish Processing in Burundi

A system of raised drying racks introduced by the FAO has helped improve the livelihood of many in Burundi’s fishing industry.

Exploring gender-based inequalities in land ownership in Africa

The International Food Policy Research Institute looks to more fully explore the gender-based inequalities in land ownership that exist across Africa.

Real Food Media Contest Films Highlight Sustainable Farming and Agriculture

The Real Food Media Project has selected the top films among the submissions from its Real Food Media Contest.

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