Kyle Freund and Bambi Semroc
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Kyle Freund is Media Manager at Fairtrade America, the United States member of the world’s most trusted Fairtrade certification. Previously, Freund worked with Fairtrade International in the Communications unit, and prior to that was Communications Manager for Coffee Kids, an international NGO dedicated to helping coffee-farming families improve their quality of life. He currently serves on the board of Food4Farmers. Bambi Semroc is the Vice President of Sustainable Markets and Strategy at Conservation International (CI). In this role, she leads the organization’s work with the coffee sector, including CI’s collaborations with Starbucks, S&D Coffee and Tea, ECOM, and McDonald’s. Ms. Semroc leads CI’s current efforts on the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, a coalition of businesses and organizations from across the coffee sector working to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.

Ditch the Discounts This Coffee Day

National Coffee Day in the United States is September 29. Choosing more sustainable options can support farmers and help drive demand for sustainable coffee. This year, Fairtrade America and Conservation International suggests celebrating coffee in a way that honors the people and the work that goes into it.

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