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WeCameToDance is, simply put, a blast.

After sold out workshops with rave reviews in New York City, we hope you will join WeCameToDance by Food Tank next at the 2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.

During the performance you will interact with aliens from a real exoplanet (they call it “Hanyana”) that we have reimagined through conversations with NASA. The performers will sing in their own language created by famed linguist David Peterson, who developed Valerian for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Alongside the cast, you will groove to music created by Grammy-nominated Ghanaian artist Rocky Dawuni and participate in synchronized dance designed by Mary Page Nance of Broadway’s “Finding Neverland.” It is an ethereal, truly otherworldly experience that builds layered rhythms over spoken word poetry performed by an all-Scottish cast.

Our musical tells the story of extra-terrestrial life that arrives on Earth to warn its inhabitants of a climate crisis that their own planet has experienced. While guiding you in a fully immersed experience through rhythms, dance, and song, the characters relay a call to action and convey the tragedy of a changing climate, yet a sense of hope percolates through each and every motion, movement, and note.

“Impact-driven, non-profit theatre is ready to be revitalized. As participants sing and dance alongside the cast, WeCameToDance proposes a new model of theatre that embraces vulnerability.” –The Scotsman

“A Fringe musical about the climate crisis and creating joy is more urgent than ever especially with the UN Climate Talks coming to Glasgow this Fall. “WeCameToDance” really tackles both these urgent needs — our desire to renew social connection and the urgency of the plight of the planet.” -BBC Scotland.

“Food Tank has been assembling a climate-focused interactive musical, WeCameToDance, to be performed throughout the festival. Through immersive performance, the musical hopes to inspire audiences towards activism as they tell the story of a climate crisis and sustainable societal models that could replace our own systems.” -The Herald (Scotland).

FOOD TANK devised, developed, and commissioned this piece within a creative collaboration that mirrors its own non-traditional and decentralized mission to empower communities in coalition.

WeCameToDance found its full manifestation through the creative producing & dramaturgy of Adam Hyndman & Bernard Pollack; music / lyrics of Rocky Dawuni, Allen René Louis, Douglas Romanow & Ximone Rose; script & spoken words of Elizabeth Eaton; choreography & direction of Mary Page Nance; linguistics & language development of David Peterson; and creative devising of Lindsey Jones, Geena Quintos, Kristin Yancy. The creative community of collaborators who shared in the journey of WeCameToDance encompassed many, and will undoubtedly extend to countless more! A few additional collaborators deserving particular note being Kevin Arbouet, Monica Kapoor, Whitney Mosery, Danielle Nierenberg, Eve Gleeson, Jeff Solomon, & Mia Yoo — thank you for your early trust and investments in this vision of community, change, and joy!

NOTE: This is not passive entertainment. For this experience to work we need you to arrive fully and engage wholeheartedly — we promise when you do it will have a fiercely powerful impact.

Meet the WeCameToDance Global Team:

Rocky Dawuni
Music / lyrics
Elizabeth Eaton
Co-writer of script and spoken words
Eve Gleeson
Adam Hyndman
Creative producing and dramaturgy
Lindsey Jones
Creative devising
Allen René Louis
Music / lyrics
Mary Page Nance
Choreography and direction
Danielle Nierenberg
David Peterson
Linguistics and language development
Bernard Pollack
Creative producing, co-writing, and dramaturgy
Genna Quintos
Creative devising
Douglas Romanow
Music / lyrics
Ximone Rose
Music / lyrics
Kristin Yancy
Creative devising

Meet the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival World Debut Team:

Becky Enoch
Co-director and choreographer-in-residence
Susie Gray
Simon Hanson
Musical Director
Ashley Jack
Co-director and choreographer-in-residence
Alexandra Lort Phillips
Presenting creative producer
Tom Seargant
Presenting Production Manager