Gillian Tarrant
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Gillian Tarrant is a Research and Writing Intern at Food Tank. She is a recent graduate from Occidental College with a BA in Urban & Environmental Policy and currently lives in Chicago, IL. Gillian has worked as a farmhand in Northern California and as an Urban Agriculture Intern under Occidental’s Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. In her senior year, she completed a yearlong research project studying the impacts of controlled-environment agriculture on urban populations at the community-scale. Gillian is passionate about promoting sustainable food policy and developing local food systems in our hyper-urbanized, hyper-globalized world.

Exploring the Intersection of Climate Action and Nutrition Security

In honor of Earth Day, Food Systems for the Future is organizing an event to explore methane mitigation efforts and what they might mean for nutrition security.

New African Society: Cultivating Seeds of Change in Sierra Leone’s Eastern Province

New African Society’s approach integrates agro-biodiversity, fostering food sovereignty while addressing long standing socio-economic challenges in Sierra Leone’s rural communities.

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