Clare Shanahan
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Clare Shanahan is a Research, Event, Advocacy and Writing intern at Food Tank. She graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in Journalism, a minor in Environmental Studies and a passion for writing about the many facets of the climate crisis. Clare has worked as an editorial intern for Living on Earth --- an environmental news radio show --- as well as a sustainability analyst and she has written extensively about both the climate crisis and food in the past. She has discovered a passion for writing about environmental justice, food waste, new innovations in research and technology, and how the climate crisis is shifting our food systems.

12 Companies Creating Upcycled Food from Waste Products

Discover how companies are upcycling food waste into delicious solutions, reducing environmental impact and promoting a healthier world.

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute is preserving indigenous wisdom to create a more sustainable and resilient world.

New and Young Farmers Increasing, According to Agriculture Census

The USDA Census of agriculture reveals a positive shift in American farmer demographics, but the industry still has a long way to go toward equity and sustainability.

Project Black and Blue Is Revolutionizing Support for Food Service Workers in Crisis

Kate Meier, the visionary behind Project Black and Blue, shares her mission to uplift food service workers in crisis through emergency aid, driven by her personal commitment and dedication to community wellness.

Bridging Seas to Sustainability: WTO’s ‘Fish Month’ Pushes Against Fishing Subsidies

WTO’s Fish Month tackles global overfishing issues and works towards sustainable fishing practices by regulating subsidies and addressing overcapacity.

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