Robert Nathan Allen and Aly Moore
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Robert Nathan Allen (or RNA as he’s called) founded the Austin nonprofit Little Herds in 2013 as an educational resource to the public about the nutritional and environmental benefits of edible insects. He previously worked with Aspire Food Group to start the first farm in Texas growing insects for food; co-founded the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture; co-founded GrubTubs, a startup upcycling Austin’s wasted food nutrients using insects; and co-founded New Millennium Proteins to help build the global supply chain for insect-ingredients. He can usually be found convincing strangers to eat bugs on Twitter as @RNAeatsBugs. After studying public health at Yale, Aly Moore grew the brands Bugible and to educate the public about the insect agriculture industry. Through events like Bug Dinners or Bug & Wine pairings and features on Netflix's Bill Nye, Food & Wine, Forbes, and others, Aly continues to shift public sentiment about entomophagy and the future of food.

Opinion | Winning on Reducing Food Waste—From SXSW to Earth Day

With the dust now settled from the 2019 SXSW festival, and with Earth Day’s 49th anniversary on the horizon, wasted food and its environmental impact has been on our minds.

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