Marie Mourad and Steven Finn
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Dr. Marie Mourad has over eight years of experience working as a food waste expert and consultant for non-profits and governmental agencies in the United States and France. Her PhD in Sociology focused on public policies against food waste and new markets for surplus food in the United States and France. Her work has been published in international journals including the Journal of Cleaner Production. Steven M. Finn is Vice President of Food Waste Prevention for Leanpath, the global leader in integrated hardware and software solutions for food waste prevention. He is a frequent speaker on food waste issues, and served as co-chair of The Last Food Mile conference in Philadelphia and a Steering Committee member for Feeding the 5000 in Portland, Maine. Steve is Affiliated Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches a graduate class on innovation for sustainability with a food-water-energy nexus focus, and he authors the blog “FoodForThoughtfulAction.

Opinion | France’s Ban on Food Waste Three Years Later

France became the first country to pass a national regulation specifically against food waste in 2016, prompting conversation in the United States: can we, or should we, implement a similar policy here?

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