Alison Byrne
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Alison is a radio and video producer, researcher, writer, and location scout. She's produced documentary films, web series, promos, corporate videos and reality TV in New York and L.A., for outlets such as HBO, PBS, Discovery, and HGTV. Having completed the Transom Story Workshop in 2014, she has since written, recorded and voiced audio work for WCAI, PRX Remix, Durham's 'Audio Under the Stars,' and the Journalism Center on Children & Families, and she won the 2015 Miller Audio Prize from The Missouri Review for her audio essay, "Leaving Los Angeles." 

Alison graduated magna cum laude from Hunter College in New York with an MFA in Integrated Media Arts - a social-issue, journalistic, nonfiction media program. She's interested in storytelling, particularly involving writing and radio, and loves issue-oriented stories with a humorous bent.

USDA Farm Service Agency Forms Invaluable Partnership With Local Refugees

Refugees and immigrants with agricultural roots are reaping the benefits of the New Farms for New Americans program.

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