Caitlin Troutt
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Caitlin Troutt is a bachelors candidate studying Human Services, Social Justice and Sustainability at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She tailors her studies to food systems and food justice, including proposed field research in Cuba during the 2015-2016 academic year to explore their use of urban agriculture to promote community food security. In addition to her academics and her work with Food Tank, she is currently engaged with three D.C. area nonprofits: DC Greens, the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, and the Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington. Caitlin hopes that her life's work will involve sustainable and equitable local and global food systems and helping communities develop food sovereignty. She also hopes to someday grow most of her own food on an off-the-grid homestead.

10 Farmer Training Programs Helping Veterans Heal

Programs across the country are helping veterans transition to a new, productive life working in food and agriculture.

Drought-Resistant White Beans Bring Hope to Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

Drought in Ethiopia is threatening bean production and the livelihood of smallholder farmers. Food Tank discusses solutions with researchers on the ground.

Building Healthy Farms and Healthy Communities: An Interview with John Steven Bianucci

Food Tank discusses regenerative agriculture, family farms, and the importance of young farmers with John Steven Bianucci from Iroquois Valley Farms.

Growing Farmers Around the Globe

Training new farmers is key to feeding the world. These educational programs are up to the task.

Save Our Soils

Food Tank discusses what each of us can do to protect soil health with Michaël Wilde from the Save Our Soils campaign.

Agroforestry in Colombia: An Interview with Irene Montes Londoño

Food Tank discusses agroecology with Colombian family farmer and soon-to-be Yale scholar.

We Grow Farmers: Interview with the Center for Land-Based Learning

Food Tank discusses beginning farmer training with the Center for Land-Based Learning.

Does Eating Organic Really Make a Difference?

What happens when a family switches from a conventional diet to an all-organic diet? Swedish researchers offer some answers.

10 Unique Urban Agriculture Projects in Mexico City

Mexico City’s thriving local food system emphasizes urban agriculture.

Ben Simon: Imperfect Produce May Be the Bay Area’s Perfect Solution

Food Tank talks with Ben Simon about Imperfect Produce, a new food recovery project that plans to give consumers access to affordable, ugly produce.

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