Cheyenne Christianson
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Cheyenne Christianson and his family run a 70 cow organic dairy in northern WI that they started in 1993. He used managed grazing and organic practices to bring a run down farm back to life. After becoming interested in the health benefits of 100% grass fed, he stopped feeding grain in 1998 and currently produces Organic Valley Grassmilk. Promoting soil health and providing optimal habitat for soil biology is a main focus on the Christianson farm. Some methods used include grazing taller, annuals to extend the grazing season, mob grazing to build organic matter and drought resistance, and using fertility amendments to add nutrient density to the forage. Cheyenne writes articles for Graze and shares what works on his farm to all that are interested.

Nine Questions with Cheyenne Christianson, Organic Dairy Farmer in Wisconsin

Food Tank spoke with Cheyenne Christianson, an organic dairy farmer in Wisconsin, who will be speaking at the Food Tank Summit in Washington, D.C.

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