Eliot Coleman
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Eliot Coleman has been involved in organic farming since 1966, with experience in field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, rotational grazing of livestock, and range poultry. He is the author of The New Organic Grower (Chelsea Green, rev. 2018), Four Season Harvest (Chelsea Green, rev. 1999), and The Winter Harvest Handbook (Chelsea Green, 2009. He was an advisor to the United States Department of Agriculture during their landmark study, "Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming." Eliot owns and operates Four Season Farm, a year-round market garden in Harborside, Maine.

Re: Response to Fred Haberman on Making Organic Mainstream

“I was dismayed to read the article ‘Making Organic Mainstream.’ I am one of a group of old-time organic farmers who have been battling against the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for allowing hydroponic, aquaponic, etc. to be certified ‘organic.'”

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