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European Agriculture Must Factor In Young Farmers

The European Council of Young Farmers has launched a campaign aiming at enhancing the role of young farmers in shaping future of Europe’s agricultural system.

International Year of Family Farming: Building Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture in Africa

Mainstreaming organic management for family farmers could help feed people, eradicate poverty, and mitigate the effects of climate change in Africa.

International Year of Family Farming: Seeds for Women Farmers Key to Food Security

La Via Campesina has launched a global campaign aimed at defending the survival of traditional seeds as well as guaranteeing food sovereignty worldwide.

Secret to a Food-Secure Planet Could Be Found in Forests

Forests provide excellent sources of micronutrients, and can ensure food security even in emergency situations. Read on to find out how.

Does Aquaculture Have the Potential to Feed the World’s Hungry?

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing animal food production sectors, and accounts for nearly half of the supply of fish for consumption around the world.

FAO Statistical Yearbook Offers Detailed Look at World’s Food and Agriculture

The 2013 edition of U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Statistical Yearbook paints a detailed picture of the world’s food and agriculture today.

WEAI: A Valid Tool in Measuring Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

The WEIA Index aims at increasing understanding of the connections between women’s empowerment, food security and agricultural growth.

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