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Jessica is a graduate student at New York University pursuing her Master's Degree in Food Studies, Food Systems. In 2014, she graduated from Harvard University where she received her A.B. in Government. Jessica’s interest in food systems and sustainable agriculture came about after taking a course during her undergraduate career that shed light on the myriad of issues regarding food security and the impact of globalized agriculture on underdeveloped and developing economies. At NYU, Jessica’s research is focused on the development of sustainable solutions to enhance access to healthy foods, and the advancement of international food regulation.

Uninvited Guests: Nanotechnology in USDA Certified Organics

The USDA and NOP have released a memorandum on the use of nanotechnology in the production and handling of organic products.

Biting the Hands Who Feed Us: Farmworker Abuse in the U.S.

Data from the U.S. Department of Labor provides insight on the mistreatment of farmworkers.

Reducing Global Food Waste to Save Billions

A global effort to reduce food waste will not only help the environment, but it will also save billions of dollars.

Nature’s Path Gardens for Good Grant Program

Applications are now open for the Nature’s Path Gardens for Good grant program!

Making Strides in India: Helping Women Farmers Generate Income

ICRISAT’s agricultural initiatives in rural India are inspiring leadership and fostering economic growth for female farmers.

Parkway Gardens Bring Healthy Food to Angelenos

The Los Angeles City Council has voted in favor of parkway gardening –community members can now grow healthy food without fearing a fine.

Preserving the Seeds of Today for the Food of Tomorrow

“Seeds of Time” draws attention to the consequences of climate change on our food supply if we don’t take action.

USDA Report Offers Insight on the Impact of Local Food Systems

Farmers’ market sales might be down, but local food systems are making a notable impact on increasing access to healthy food for all.

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