Anna Maria Hosford and Jon Alexander
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Anna Maria Hosford is a Strategist for New Citizenship Project working across sectors to help organizations make the shift from selling to Consumers to involving Citizens. With a background in brand development for the National Trust and London 2012 Paralympics, Anna cares greatly about harnessing the power of business for good social and environmental ends.

Jon Alexander is a founding Partner of New Citizenship Project, and is also Chair of the UK-based Food Ethics Council, a small but highly influential nonprofit with a remit to bring together unusual conversations in the UK food system to address issues from new perspectives and open up progress on difficult issues.

Food Citizenship: A New Lens on Old Problems

It’s become normal to talk about people as consumers in relation to food. But a new report from UK-based organizations the New Citizenship Project and the Food Ethics Council argues this language and its associated ideas create a fundamental barrier to the change we need.