Kari Hamerschlag and Christopher D. Cook
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Kari Hamerschlag is the Deputy Director of Friends of the Earth’s Food and Agriculture Program and oversees the Climate-Friendly Food Program that aims to shift public institutional purchasing towards healthy, climate-friendly plant-based and organic foods. Christopher D. Cook is an award-winning journalist and author of Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis. He is a consultant for Friends of the Earth.

Biden’s Agriculture Secretary: Heitkamp is the Wrong Choice

More than 150 Groups Oppose Nomination of Heitkamp for USDA Secretary, arguing that she is the wrong choice for the next USDA Secretary.

Biden’s Ambitious Goals for Climate and Agriculture Require Bolder Strategies

The final draft of the Democratic National Convention Platform promises to help slow climate change and proposes a net zero emissions goal for agriculture, but Joe Biden’s strategies do not go far enough. There is still time to change that.

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