Kari Hamerschlag and Lisa Archer
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Kari Hamerschlag is a Deputy Director for Friends of the Earth’s Food and Agriculture Program. Previously she worked for five years as a Senior Analyst for Environmental Working Group, and as a sustainable food policy consultant in the Bay Area, including a year-long stint running a Farm Bill campaign for the California Coalition for Food and Farming. Lisa Archer is the Director of Friends of the Earth’s Food and Agriculture program. For nearly two decades, she has developed and led successful science-based corporate accountability, markets, policy, public education, and organizing campaigns focused on environmental health and justice. Prior to Friends of the Earth, Lisa co-founded and directed The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Opinion | Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System to Save Our Climate

Yet studies show that we cannot avert climate chaos if we don’t support a rapid transition away from large-scale, chemical-intensive food production toward healthier and regenerative agriculture.

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