Kathryn Chiffer
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Kathryn Chiffer is an undergraduate student and the founder of "Project Lunchbox: Let's Eat!," an endeavor committed to empowering consumers, inspiring informed food choices, and instilling the belief that every person is capable of igniting change within the local and global food system. In addition, Kathryn instructs nutrition and cooking education courses as an Adjunct Faculty Member at a local community college, authors a blog (http://letseatlunch.wordpress.com), and hosts a website (http://www.projectlunchboxletseat.com).

London’s GrowUp Box Explores the Potential of Aquaponics

Check out how the United Kingdom\’92s GrowUp Box combines aquaponics and vertical farming methods to sustain local restaurants.

England’s Paignton Zoo: Feeding Animals from the Ground Up

Check out why the Paignton Zoo, located in Devon, England, implements hydroponics to nourish its animals.

Support for Urban Agriculture from the Ground Up: Canada’s Parliament Gardens

Learn how the Canadian government demonstrated that urban farming is accessible most anywhere by most anyone through the erection of its Parliament Gardens.

Appleton Farms: A CSA Thinking Outside the Box

Check out why the mix-and-match system of CSA at Appleton Farms prioritizes shareholder choice and provides consumer convenience.

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