Laurie Benson
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Laurie Benson is the founder of 1% For Women. After spending years promoting the work of Zimbabwean biologist Allan Savory, she stepped out on her own to focus on empowering and uplifting women in agriculture on a global level. She believes that the empowerment of women is a crucial component to changing worldwide economic, environmental, and social degradation. Her organization promotes businesses that commit 1% of their net profit to microcredit loans for women in agriculture. Their work has funded loans in 7 countries to date, actively changing the cycles of poverty and oppression that still affect so many. 1% For Women has partnered with several other organizations to create the Sweet Roots Festival. This even, centered around music and celebration, empowers and supports current and potential women farmers by providing scholarships and access to educational opportunities and organizations.

Five Questions with Laurie Benson, Founder of 1% For Women

Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with Laurie Benson, Founder of 1% For Women, who was one of the speakers at the 2015 Food Tank Summit.

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