Laura Schwebel
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Laura Schwebel is an aquaculture researcher at NOAA Fisheries and a Research and Writing Intern with Food Tank. She holds an MS in Marine Science from the University of San Diego and a BS in Marketing Communication from Emerson College. She has worked on a variety of environmental conservation and fisheries research projects in her career, is an advocate for sustainable food, and loves to mountain bike.

Canada’s Revised Food Guide Makes Plant-forward Suggestions

Canada’s much anticipated revised food guide includes some major changes, like suggestions to eat more plant-based proteins and reduce consumption of processed foods.

Eating Local Just Got Easier for Some North American Cities

Much of the time, food racks up quite a few miles on the foodometer before it reaches our plates. But Square Roots and Gordon Food Service are partnering to help bring locally-grown food to customers across North America year-round.

Two Reasons Why Three Billion People Aren’t Getting Adequate Nutrition

Because of high levels of food loss and waste—especially of nutrient-rich, perishable foods—as many as three billion people are consuming low-quality diets that result in micronutrient malnutrition as well as rising levels of obesity.