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Laura Schwebel is an aquaculture researcher at NOAA Fisheries and a Research and Writing Intern with Food Tank. She holds an MS in Marine Science from the University of San Diego and a BS in Marketing Communication from Emerson College. She has worked on a variety of environmental conservation and fisheries research projects in her career, is an advocate for sustainable food, and loves to mountain bike.

Long-lasting Avocados May Help Combat Food Waste

An innovative solution for food spoilage was brought to market in the U.S. by Apeel Sciences last summer and will now be available in Europe thanks to a new partnership.

Canada’s Revised Food Guide Makes Plant-forward Suggestions

Canada’s much anticipated revised food guide includes some major changes, like suggestions to eat more plant-based proteins and reduce consumption of processed foods.

Eating Local Just Got Easier for Some North American Cities

Much of the time, food racks up quite a few miles on the foodometer before it reaches our plates. But Square Roots and Gordon Food Service are partnering to help bring locally-grown food to customers across North America year-round.

Two Reasons Why Three Billion People Aren’t Getting Adequate Nutrition

Because of high levels of food loss and waste—especially of nutrient-rich, perishable foods—as many as three billion people are consuming low-quality diets that result in micronutrient malnutrition as well as rising levels of obesity.

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