Meg Dalkin
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Meg has a Masters of Environment (Economics and Policy) from Griffith University on Australia's Gold Coast. She also holds a BA in Indonesian from Deakin University. Meg's research areas of interest include environmental and climate change policy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Indigenous Crop: Quandong, the scarlet desert peach

The Australian desert peach known as quandong contains twice the vitamin C of an orange and produces an edible nut.

Indigenous Crop: Macadamia: Australia’s national nut

Macadamia nuts boast a range of health and nutrition benefits. Originally enjoyed by Australian Aborigines, macadamia products are now popular worldwide.

Indigenous Crop: Dried or Fresh, Wild Bush Tomato Is Delicious and Nutritious

The bush tomato has long been an important food source for Australia’s Indigenous people, rich in nutrients and taste.

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