Michael Berger
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Michael is a Founding Partner and the VP of Supply Chain of Elevation Franchise Ventures, franchisor of Elevation Burger. As one of the founding partners of the Elevation Burger franchise company, Michael has lead the company’s growth from a single restaurant to a chain of 60+ restaurants in seven countries. Under Michael’s supply chain leadership, Elevation Burger’s purchases of certified organic, grass-fed beef have grown into one of the largest certified organic beef purchasing programs in the United States and the largest such program of any restaurant group in the US. Michael is also responsible for developing the restaurant chain’s organic chicken and organic pork bacon programs. Additionally, Michael has been the executive in charge of franchise development/sales and real estate development at various times in the company’s history. Michael has been featured in various forms of media and is a recognized leader in sustainable food supply chains and international franchise development. Michael currently serves on The Organic Center’s Board of Trustees and Food Tank’s Board of Directors and was honored as the Organic Trade Association’s “Rising Star” of 2015.

Nine Questions with Michael Berger, Founding Partner of Elevation Burger

Food Tank spoke with Michael Berger, Founding Partner of Elevation Burger, who will be speaking at the Food Tank Summit in Washington, D.C.

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